Efficient and cost-sensitive business and litigation skills across a variety of commercial matters and most particularly for oil and gas. Substantial knowledge of gas-processing operations and marketing arrangements; the interdependency of gas plants and mature oil reservoirs; cradle-to-grave marketing of gas-well gas, casinghead gas and crude oil; and enhanced oil recovery. Accounting for joint interest, royalty, and severance/production taxation on upstream production. Land management, easements, and mineral-leasing negotiations.

Efficient, Business-minded Approach to Litigation

The Firm primarily handles legal disputes involving oil and gas litigation, contract disputes, business-tort litigation, and real estate litigation, regularly obtaining superior results for its clients. The Firm accomplishes discovery and pre-trial motion practice in the most cost-effective manner possible, finds the best experts for any given subject matter, and seeks each case’s turning point either at summary judgment, expert challenges, or trial. If cases are not resolved before trial, the Firm tries each case on a thorough and solid record before a jury or to the bench – because the Firm strives to protect its clients’ rights during the all-important appellate process.

Collaborative Approach to Business Transactions

The Firm’s business cases and clients have developed a transactional practice involving entity formation, trust administration, deeds and conveyancing, bank and equity financing, mineral lease negotiation, contract drafting and negotiation, and regulatory compliance. The transactional practice attends to the Firm’s longstanding client base, as well as to entrepreneurial and incipient businesses. Further, the Firm's transactional practice can provide alternative solutions to wasteful or uneconomical litigation – which the firm especially strives to avoid. The Firm works with its clients’ in-house attorneys or lawyers and staff to meet the clients’ transactional needs. Also, the Firm associates with transactional law boutiques when and as necessary, depending upon the size and complexity of the transactional need.