If cases are not resolved before trial, Holmes PLLC tries each case on a thorough and solid record before a jury or to the bench – because the Firm strives to protect its clients’ rights during the all-important appellate process. Holmes PLLC has represented companies and individuals in the state and federal appellate courts involving a variety of civil disputes, on both defense and plaintiff sides.

  • Business Disputes
  • Commercial Matters
  • Contract Disputes
  • Tort Cases
  • Oil & Gas

  • Holmes PLLC understands that appeals often constitute the most important part of the civil litigation process. The Firm positions its clients to make their best case during any given appeal. The Firm’s superior appellate skills and talent results from two factors: (a) varied experiences in commercial cases going through thorough, high-stakes appeals; and (b) James Holmes extensive continuing education and scholastic work, including years’ worth of U.T. Law CLE work, Texas Law Review editorship, and a Texas Supreme Court clerkship – all of which built superior appellate insight and briefing skills.