Holmes PLLC

Holmes PLLC is a premier litigation and trial boutique representing businesses and business people in various oil and gas, contract, real estate, tort, and commercial matters.


Efficient and cost-sensitive business and litigation skills across a variety of commercial lease matters and most particularly for oil and gas.

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EFFICIENT Litigation

The Firm primarily handles legal disputes involving oil and gas litigation, contract disputes, business-tort litigation, and real estate litigation, regularly obtaining superior results for its clients.

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The Firm's business cases and clients have developed a transactional practice involving entity formation, trust administration, deeds and conveyancing, bank and equity financing, mineral lease negotiation, contract drafting and negotiation, and regulatory compliance.

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Emerging Topics

“What happens when my company gets sued or needs to sue?”: Assessing the location for the case. (Part 1)

“My company just got notice that we were sued by a party to our sales contract in a rural Texas county [or in downtown Dallas].”

“What happens when my company gets sued or needs to sue?”: The mechanics of pre-trial litigation. (Part 2)

After assessing venue, Holmes PLLC next discusses with each client the mechanics of the lawsuit it faces, or must file.

Supersedeas Reform

The Texas civil justice system and business owners badly need further reforms to laws on superseding judgments awarding money. Business owners who cannot remove thousands or millions of dollars from operations

Post-Production Deductions in Gas Royalties

What are post-production deductions in gas royalties?

Post-production deductions (“PPDs”) are charges against royalty payments that reflect a producer’s (lessee’s) efforts to transform newly produced

Attorney News


For every year since Texas Monthly began its annual survey of the “Texas Super Lawyers,” James Holmes has achieved the ranking of Super Lawyer.


In September 2015, James Holmes gave a one-day seminar to oil and gas industry professionals on upstream accounting and royalty administration.


Whether as an attorney or businessman, James Holmes strives to obtain competitive oil and gas pricing and measurement for his clients