Now, you can follow Ruby, Sugar and the rest of the tribe on their adventures. It's Ruby's newest road....her blog!

Ruby's New Wheels!

Perhaps Ruby knew something special was about to happen, as she hovered around Sadie assembling the new wheelchair. Life has changed dramatically for Ruby since she received her "Walkn' Wheels" from the folks at .....It's the good old days all over again! Only now, she has an additional audience.

Ruby retired at 91 book signings on the record...Hmmmm, Maybe, we'll have to go for an even 100, once we get her stamina up. Plus, she'll be visiting schools, senior residences, and hospitals on a limited basis.

I have no illusions about her future with Cushings disease...That it will claim her life.

But for now, the moment we get Ruby's new "Walkin' Wheels" out of the closet, She knows her new freedom is at hand!....There is no stopping her. To see her enjoy the simple things of just being a dog, and so much more, makes my heart sing.

We are forever grateful to for their caring concern and generous gift. Whatever time Ruby has left, she is a lot happier.....And Boy!, does she get people's attention....More chances as a ambassadog....

Still can't get over the dramtic...Astounding change in Ruby's life....especially her mental health. From depression to a vital, engaged member of the family again. Not to mention getting out and exploring the world...Meeting and greeting people...To have a second chance at life!

Check out the pictures of Ruby and her new wheels on the Image Galleries page ->.

Found like unwanted trash in an abandoned house, Ruby grew up to achieve the impossible! Join her on a wonderful odyssey that has been her life . . . a real doggie epic! A veteran of stage plays, Ruby has worked at a radio station as a co-host and has appeared in newspapers around the world. Meet the fascinating people, celebrities, and dogs Ruby has worked with, lived with, and helped along the way. Wait with Ruby and her family in the blistering South Dakota sun when the motor home breaks down, only to wish they hadn’t been rescued.

Ruby has traveled to Hollywood to appear on a national television show. . . . not bad for a little dog nobody wanted. But Ruby found that all that glitters was not always gold and then, cancer came a calling. But she rallied her indomitable spirit to survive. Ruby’s story has it all: fun, gritty drama, high emotion, excitement, anger, laughter and betrayal. It is a living, breathing story that will leave dog lovers cheering.

. . . In her last book, Ruby’s Tale, Thousands of fans across America and around the world followed Ruby from a puppy left behind like unwanted trash in an abandoned house to her meteoric rise to fame, popularity, accomplishment and community service.

Now the wonderful, true story continues as she take a turn as a professional actor, wins countless friends in her travels, is drawn into an intrigue and a mystery, embarks on more adventures, takes on a protege' and even accepts an invitation to an Ivy league law school and more!

But, it’s it far more than fame and glory. . . The fabric of Ruby’s story is also woven with her continued community volunteerism. . . and the fun or goofy stories of daily life with “The Tribe” Stories that every dog lover will enjoy!

A PIT BULL (Ruby) on stage in a great piece of American literature?...Playing to thousands of people over 18 performances? Audiences falling in love with her...crying when she's lead off to her doom? YOU BET! Take a peek at this film trailer of "Of Mice and Men" done by a professional company....image that! A PIT BULL!!

Check us out on facebook

The Fall 2010 issue of The American Dog Magazine had a feature article on Ruby! Click to read!

"Read it, enjoy it, buy copies for everyone you know." - William Hageman, Chicago Tribune

2013 Book of the Year Award Winners Announced

ForeWord Reviews is pleased to announce the 2013 Book of the Year Awards list of finalists. Representing more than 350 publishers, the finalists were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest. "Ruby's Road" is a WINNER for the 2013 Book of the Year Awards in the Pets category.

Since 1998, ForeWord Reviews has been one of the publishing industry’s most respected print magazine and online review service for readers, booksellers, book buyers, publishing insiders, and librarians. ForeWord is published six times a year and each issue reaches an audience of 26,000 librarians and booksellers.

2014 National Indie Excellence Awards is Happy To Announce the List of Winners and Finalists!

Animals/Pets General
Ruby's Road
Patrick Bettendorf


2011 National Indie Excellence Awards is Happy To Announce the List of Winners and Finalists!


Animals/Pets General
Ruby’s Tale-A True Rags to Riches Story
Patrick Bettendorf
Beaver’s Pond Press
Book of the year

2010 Book of the Year Award Finalists Announced

ForeWord Reviews is pleased to announce the 2010 Book of the Year Awards list of finalists. Representing more than 350 publishers, the finalists were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest. "Ruby's Tale" is a finalist for the 2010 Book of the Year Awards in the Pets category. An unwanted dog left to die is rescued and achieves the impossible. Author Patrick Bettendorf lives with his wife, Lynn; youngest daughter, Sadie; and ''the tribe'' in a small country town just northeast of St. Paul/Minneapolis. He has been a male model, an actor of stage and industrial training films, a radio personality, and a scriptwriter.

Since 1998, ForeWord Reviews has been one of the publishing industry’s most respected print magazine and online review service for readers, booksellers, book buyers, publishing insiders, and librarians. ForeWord is published six times a year and each issue reaches an audience of 26,000 librarians and booksellers.


"The journey of Ruby, who was found emaciated and abandoned as a pup, is worthy of Hollywood. It's a story of rebirth and love that we can all learn from....Nothing short of spectacular...I loved these books!"

-William Hageman, The Chicago Tribune -

Notice the fine reading material these Marines in Afghanistan are enjoying!...Why, it's the award winning book "Ruby's Tale"!! Not bad for a little dog left to die in a empty house back here in Minnesota! A HUGH thank you to all those who donated copies of her book for "Our kids" in harm's way!!!!

Please visit Ruby's friends at 'Big Hearts For Big Dogs' rescue located in South Florida.

Ruby's Road Reader's Comments

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Love Ruby! Great book!
 -Melissa Poteet
4.0 out of 5 stars loved it
I loved hearing the stories of Ruby's experiences...very sweet and interesting. I recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs.
5.0 out of 5 stars Rescue dogs, Pit Bull, Service dogs, Family pets -all in one happy package!!
Ruby's road is another wonderful read from Pat Bettendorf. This book will have you laughing and crying. It will give you a look into the Bettendorfs life with all of their amazing pack, not just Ruby. It talks about the struggles of power breeds and the prejudice that goes with them. We need to all do what we can to educate people about what wonderful family pets and service dogs any breed can make and Pat does an eloquent job of teaching, as usual. This book is so endearing; Pat virtually brings his family and dogs into your home!
 -By Kimberly Nordaune
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved the first book Ruby's Tail and this one is just as great, June 5, 2014
By Brent (seattle, WA)
Follow Ruby on more adventures as she comes to my hometown Seattle and other cities demonstrating that there is clearly a myth regarding pit bulls that needs to be dispelled! Great read!
5.0 out of 5 stars A great story!, June 4, 2014
By ellymay25 "shelley" (united states)
I was fortunate enough to meet Pat, his wife and Ruby at one of their book signings; what a great bunch! Their latest book has everything a good book should and more. I thoroughly enjoyed "Ruby's Road: A True Story" and highly would recommend it! Thank you to the Bettendorf family for sharing Ruby's and your adventures with us! I will be anxiously awaiting your next installment :)
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it!, June 4, 2014
By Kathy Wilhelm
Even better than Ruby's Tale. Great read for dog lovers. One of the few books i will keep and treasure to read again and again.
Great insights into rescue dogs and pit bulls
By Crystalmomma on May 13, 2014
Pleasant, easy read that will appeal to all dog lovers. The book is well edited, which is a particular bugaboo of mine. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the various personalities and funny quirks to be found among the members of the Tribe, Patrick's doggy family. One of the joys of taking in an adult dog is the journey of discovery you will experience, since this personality developed without input from you. Yes, some traits will be problems or issues that you need to work on together and you will probably benefit from lessons in patience, compassion and acceptance. But there will also be funny, heartwarming habits, like the dog I had that could hear a head of lettuce being taken out of the fridge, no matter where she was in the house. Her joyful dance of anticipation always fooled the other dogs into begging for their own piece, which they promptly spit out.

Also a good insight into pit bull personality. I've been a dog trainer for over 30 years and I've never encountered a case of aggression toward people in a pit. Ruby's happy, loving attitude is the norm. I would urge caution around small children with this or any other breed of dog. If a dog has not been properly socialized around small children, their quick movements and high pitched squeals can trigger fear biting or reactions as if the child is another dog or even a prey animal. The only dog aggression problem I've had with pits is a tendency to want to be pack leader and "discipline" other dog members of the family, which can cause problems in a multiple dog household. So I really appreciate the author's descriptions of how he introduced new members to his dog family.
5.0 out of 5 stars Animal Love and Intelligence, May 31, 2014
By Kathryn Lea
As a pit bull owner, I love reading about their intelligence, loyalty, and friendliness. A great book for those who have let the headlines put them off a wonderful breed of dogs. Such a sweet and informational story. I want to know this family!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great continuation of original story! -Stephanie Pereboom
You can read this story and enjoy it even if you have not read Ruby's Tale, however, there are a lot of great references to the previous book. This story picks up where the last one ended, and continues the fun adventures of Pat, Ruby and the rest of the "Tribe." It's an easy read, and great for the dog-lover. :)

I have read Ruby's Road and I like it very much, and in my opinion, this one is quite different from "Ruby's Tale."

What I liked most was writing in the way that a reader could feel you, your family are ordinary people and to do good things you do not have to have a lot of money, fame etc. In your book you show that it is NORMAL to love animals and to treat them as friends and family. You show that a person can have a service dog, that it does not have to be a pedigree one from recognised kennels but a stray dog has a potential as well.

Another great thing for me was that you did not treat pitbulls as an extraordinary breed. There are no divisions, a dog is a dog. And I think it is the very important message - a pitty is a dog, it is not an aggressive beast and when people understand that, there is the chance for the breed. It is why my favourite parts are when you write about your every day life, e.g., eating a dead rat by Ruby :-)

You do a great job!!!

PS: I would not be so patient with "Mr. Happy Face" on the plane. What a d... ;-)

Best regards,
Patrycja Podlasek B.
Dnia Poniedziałek
Nov 13, 2013 Louis Spirito rated it 5 of 5 stars In RUBY'S TALE, author Pat Bettendorf chronicled the fate of a throwaway Pit Bull that rose from the mean streets to become a beloved service dog, national celebrity and the leader of his 'Tribe' of three humans and six rescue dogs. In RUBY'S ROAD, the writer and his eponymous heroine resume their adventures, winning heart and minds while grooming Sugar, a newcomer, who hopes to carry the load when Ruby decides to hang up her service vest. LIke the earlier book, this one revels in the day-to-day pleasure and treasures of the human-canine dynamic - a possum cornered in the yard, a turn onstage in a professional theater, a moving encounter with a misty-eyed WW II vet. These episodes underscore Ruby's sweet, loving temperament, yet it's clear that her human family is every bit as kind and caring, if a bit more chaotic. Thankfully, when disasters threatens to derail the Ruby express Ruby's charisma, and anonymous angels combine to save the day. Like a home-baked pie, or wine with friends by the fireside, RUBY'S ROAD is the kind of feel-good book that goes down easy and leaves us feeling all is right with the world.
Continuing the story that I've been waiting for! By Kelli on August 14, 2013 I was so happy to receive my copy of Pat Bettendorf's latest book,"Ruby's Road". The first book,"Ruby's Tale", told how Ruby the pit bull came into the Bettendorf 'tribe' and her many adventures as a therapy dog and companion. In "Ruby's Road", we get a more detailed look at not only Ruby but other family members. How the Bettendorfs are able to manage their dogs so well is encouraging (and a little embarassing) to those of us whose dogs aren't quite as well trained. I smiled while reading about Lynn's kind-heartedness, Sadie's bond to the dogs, the wild times in the backyard, and the family vacations. This book does a service to all bully breeds by showing what outstanding pets they can be when someone is committed to them. I am giving this book as a gift to at least a half dozen friends of ours because it is so easy to read with thoughtful and amusing anecdotes throughout it. I look forward to the continued tales of darling Ruby and her family!
By char on September 18, 2013 Had the privledge to have met Ruby....and the book is as beautiful as she is. Great read...WONDERFUL dog!!!! Thank you Pat for saving her.
By THEODORE W GOERS on October 13, 2013 Couldn't stop reading it. Would recommend this book for anyone who loves dogs like I do. So consider reading it.
By K. Quickle on September 22, 2013 I haven't finished this book yet, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to let everyone know how wonderful these folks are. Be sure you get Ruby's Tale, too! You will fall in love with Miss Ruby and the other members of the tribe!
Pat has done it yet again, sending us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that is Ruby's Tribe. Along the "Road" do we not only get a better look into Ruby's amazing adventures, we also get to find out more about her family - both the dog and human packs. Sometime we despair of where this world is heading, but having read about some of the truly wonderful people Ruby has met (and helped her in her journey) it fills us with hope. From start to finish this is a most engaging book, showing how dogs not only share our lives but also enhance them. Ruby is a true ambassador not only for her breed but for everyone.
P.S. Pat and Family we love you for everything you do. Our Tribe is eagerly awaiting Ruby's next adventures.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful Road!!, September 2, 2013 A perfect sequel to "Ruby's Tale." In "Ruby's Road," Ruby continues her adventures with her family in this wonderful true story. She continues to receive celebrity status and she keeps giving back to the community and to her family. We can learn so many life lessons from our dogs, and Ruby demonstrates all of this and more! I had the honor and privilege of meeting Ruby at a recent book signing. She is such a sweetheart.....and it was also a pleasure meeting Pat, Lynn, and Sadie as well. You will love the continuation of Ruby's story in this book. A MUST READ!! A book I couldn't put down. I loved it!
By FauxMaven "FauxMaven" (Round Rock, TX USA) Ruby's Road is a sparkling retelling of some of the most important events surrounding Ruby, her family, and fellow members of the Bettendorf pack. Some of the milestones along Ruby's Road are deeply personal, some are very funny, and some are just "light bulb" moments where the reader gets to see exactly what motivates people like Lynn and Pat. We meet -- and take leave -- of people and animals along the path. And we see how a family comes together and grows, and passes on its traditions. Rescuers are willing to resurrect and rehabilitate other people's discards and failures. They love the dogs they bring into their homes just as much or more than if they sheltered them from the day they were born. Each dog is a challenge and an opportunity to recycle rather than waste. Turning rambunctious, high-drive "bully" breed dogs into therapy and service dogs is not just a hobby: it's an honorable profession. My three pit bulls vote unanimously: 5* and 6 dewclaws up!!!!!!
Ann Vanderlaan Aug 23, 2013 Ann Vanderlaan rated it 5 of 5 stars Ruby's Road is a sparkling retelling of some of the most important events surrounding Ruby, her family, and fellow members of the Bettendorf pack. Some of the milestones along Ruby's Road are deeply personal, some are very funny, and some are just "light bulb" moments where the reader gets to see exactly what motivates people like Lynn and Pat. We meet -- and take leave -- of people and animals along the path. And we see how a family comes together and grows, and passes on its traditions.
Below is a letter I received from Sonia Van De Velde who lives in Belgium. Seems Ruby's story has having international interest. (Ruby now has readers in 17 countries) Okay, I'll admit, the letter is long, but was, however, not solicited. PS: I didn't try to fix her English. I think it is purer this way.....

Hey Pat, Ruby and the Tribe! As I am at home and laying down for about 2 days cause of my back acting up again..hernia ...I thought, i'm not going to wait reading Ruby's Road until after Christmass, I might aswel read it now huh!! I must say...I'm soooo glad I started it !! Gosh Pat, you've outdone yourself this time with your new book! I LOVED Ruby's Tale so much, but Ruby's road is even better!! I haven't finished it yet, but wanted to give you a little feedback on a couple of things.

I LOVED the pics that go with your stories, it was great to see all those pics of those people you met, like the Yankee doodle dog Ranger, the "good cop", Bob Crabtree with his story about Poncho, the pic of you, your mom and your first pitbull mix dog and the pic of your dad in the armee, and all the rest of them!! That was awesome!!!

I cried when your dad told you: I love you, now go! dad never told me he loves me, not once! I'm so sorry for your loss my friend! Second, it was sooooo nice of you to mention Ruby's (and your) facebook friends that came to see you at book signing events!! Nobody else who's famous does that. Yes you may not be a Steinbeck…yet, but you are famous amoungst dog lovers worldwide! I never knew an author who gets so involved with their facebook friends and even write little bits of what they said in their book!! That was awesome too!

Its not only that you write with your heart, but with your soul as well. I can "feel" you when you are writing. I cried soo hard when you told Ruby: “what would I do without you” (before she went on stage) will be 3 years sinds my beloved Cheetah (my first pitbull) passed away and I thought the same thing my friend cause she was my special pootch, my soul dog sorta speak, she could read me perfectly, and I could read her perfectly! We were like ONE, and I know that you know what I mean, its like you and Ruby too!

I laughed so hard with your jokes and even with your frustrations about that bloody "old bat" of a GPS cause its sooooo familiar ! I felt your love and emotions and shed a tear cause I was moved too, while that lady sat next to Ruby on that plane and fell asleep with her hand still on Ruby! You write TO the people in the street, plain language but with so much love, so much passion!! But you are wrong about one thing...Its not Just because of Ruby and her story that your book is so loved my friend, its about ALL OF YOU!! You, Lynn, Sadie, Tracy, the people you met along the way and all your wonderfull pootchies that makes your book soooooo loved!! You are telling the story of a family who's love for Dogs (and the dogs love for you guys) brought them to where they are now and that is soooo appealing, even enchanting cause for many of us its a true love/adventure story of a family as a "whole"!

Even with the down sides, your life with all of them has been such an amazing ride, such wonderfull tales to tell!! A tale we all want to have, make us dream too! Gosh Pat...the more I read about all of you and your past, the more I want to know . You are an amazing writer, you can take me right up there with you and enjoy ever word you have written! I do hope that you won't stop writing...ever! cause not only is your life very adventurous, you also spread the positive word out for our beloved breed!

I LOVE the dialogs written by Ruby!!!!!!! They are sooo cool!! That was a great idea, Esp when you drove off in search of that address with the GPS, gosh I had a great laugh and imagined Ruby's face and a scene from comedy capers.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how milkbone wanted to screw you over like that, the cheeky bastards!!! Thank god for that lady...she was your guardian Angel in human form my friend, otherwise it would have been a long and expensive road in court. So she saved you from that. God bless good hearted people like her!! I'm on page 180, and ready to read "It's a dog's life"..Not many pages left and feeling sad that your soon to be at his end..wanting to read more! Your book is a wonderful gift my friend book is!!! I really enjoyed reading Ruby's Road very much!! But there is a donwside to it...makes me wanna meet all of you in person one day very badly , esp your sweet pootches..ALL of them cause they are sooo special! I enjoyed reading about them so much!! And sweet Sugar....Ruby's follow up!! I love them all!! Wishing you a great day/evening. Take care! Lots of love and light to you and your family, and a high five from Shasta and Orka!

Sonia Van De Velde- Belgium.

Ruby's Tale Reader's Comments

Ahhh..Pat, that part of the book about Ruby's Cancer just broke my heart. I could really feel your pain. So glad it turned out well. I LOVED every part of your book..and will write more on it a little later. You are an amazing writer..sure had my attention. I laughted and cried while reading it...Everyone get out there and purchase Ruby's will LOVE it. ;) Thank you Pat for all you do for those beautiful animals...Your heart is gold.
  -Leona Druken McLaughlin
I read Ruby's Tale and it is WONDERFUL!! I loved reading about your adventures in your motor homes - oh my goodness - I laughed and laughed. And I cried when I read about sweet Cajun Queen, Molly. You are both such amazing people for all you have done, and continue to do, to help the dogs. I wish there were hundreds more people like you out there. God Bless,
  -Dana Hermes
I LOVED it! What a beautiful well written story. To know how horribly you were treated and to see where you ended full of life and love, is truly inspiring! It shows just how resilient Pit Bulls or dogs in general really are. What a great breed ambassador you are, Ruby and I so love you and your family for everything you do to help change the perception of the "pit bull" breed. Do you what me to post a personal review on your page? I can certainly do that. Lots of love and kisses from my family to yours!
  -Chris, Sully and Skylar!
I Love the book. I read it out loud to Smirnoff since it is his book. In fact we even got a new pitbull puppy while I was reading the book. We have always just had Smirnoff so it was funny seeing the interact & then read about your dogs interactions. We have traveled too cross-country with our pitbull & completely understand the parts about traveling. The book is a wonderful description of owning one of these loving, funny, courageous, & full of personality filled dogs with a bad rap. I would recommend it to anyone, not just dog lovers, or pitbull owners but to anyone willing. It goes to prove how wonderful these dogs are. Thank you for writing your experience & spreading the word. I appreciate you, your wife, & your dogs (Ruby, etc) for your hard work on being positive examples & giving many of us positive media to share with skeptics.
  -Kuo & Lisa Downing-Reese, Smirnoff & Daphne
Hello Ruby. My secretary (mummy) hasn't let me on FB recently ;) She has finished your book & loved it....laughter & tears from her all the way through it. I hope you & your family are OK. Love Flinty.
  -Flint Smith, UK
Ruby's Tale, an inspiring story of how one dog has enriched the lives of so many people, is a joy to read and has re-ignited my passion for reading.
  -Karen Delise, Author: The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression
Where to start on this story? As an adoptive animal parent I immediately identified with this story however, I don't think you have to be a rescuer or a rescue parent to allow this story in your heart. I enjoyed the flow of the book and the way Pat told the story of Ruby; both the back story and the Ruby's journey. To me, Ruby's story is truly what is good about American dream. She reminds me every day why we all should be grateful as people and to open our hearts just a little bit bigger to accept the possibilities that life and love has to offer. We all can benefit from the true love that is unconditional love that our 4 legged family and friends provide. Ruby is an AWESOME role model not only for the beautiful bully breed, but for what a rescue animal has to offer us all in our hearts, homes, schools, nursing homes, libraries, theaters, communities, and in big business. She has the face that ALWAYS makes me smile and gives rescue a BEAUTIFUL tale to the big story of allowing an animal that could have been ignored or used in fighting, or worse, euthanized. Ruby has become a story bigger than herself and I love that about Ruby and her family!!!! My husband and I had the pleasure and joy to discover Ruby at a book signing. We were just about to leave the Barnes and Nobel on a very cold Minnesota day as we saw her with her worker vest make her way in the front door with Pat. She drew us back into the store as well as something about her brought me to purchasing her book. That day is a day that had changed my husband and my life for the better!!! I have purchased "Ruby's Tale" as gifts for family and friends, all have LOVED the story! The book brought true tears to my eyes as well as smiles and out loud laughs! I could go on and on about the book that can be read in a cozy afternoon that blessed my heart with a genuine smile, something we all need more of during these trying times. God Bless Ruby and her family, I am a better person from having read the story and knowing her and her family.
  - Kate
Hey there!
I finally got to sit down and enjoy your book. I sprained my ankle pretty bad and that made me slow down (more like screech to a halt) for a week. I adore the book. You really took me through your journey and made me feel like I was a part of it. It's a beautiful story and I love how you told it. I really hope someone writes a screenplay about it because I'd love to see a film about this! Congratulations to you and God Bless you for saving that gorgeous, special dog. She's amazing. I've already recommended it to all my friends and I put it as one of my favorite books under my about me section on Facebook so that people can click on it for more info. Take it easy Pat. I hope all is well with you and your family! Big kiss for Ruby!
  -Stephanie Savvi Sarkissian
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. I heard about your book on the local Minneapolis news ( I can’t remember who was talking about you – maybe Frank Vascellero from Channel 4) and I had to go out and get it the very next day. I sat down and read it all in a few hours, I just couldn’t put it down. Lots of smiles, laughs and tears all the way through! A few months ago I read “One Good Dog” by Susan Wilson which opened my eyes and heart to Pitt Bulls.
My sister was born with spina bifida in 1948 and spent many months of her first years at Gillett Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. I was so saddened to hear that you were not allowed to visit the children there. I know that she would have been thrilled to visit with a therapy dog during her long days there. Unfortunately that was before the days when people such as you and your Dad dedicated so much time and effort to bringing sunshine to so many people.
My husband and I are proud owners of Golden Retrievers, Sundance, Decoy, Scout, Maverick, and Magnum. They are our fur babies and we love them more than we can tell you. We live in the Delano area, but travelled to Stillwater with each dog and visited Dr. Yoho for hip Xrays.
We are supporters of RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota) and once we are retired (in the next five years) we plan to foster rescued Goldens. I am hoping with all my heart that by that time all Puppy Mills are outlawed and are a thing of the past.
Anyway, thanks for a beautiful story. I am planning to give your Ruby’s Tale books to all my dog lover friends.
  -Jan Paschke
Dear Pat and Ruby
I just finished Reading "Ruby's Tale" and I loved it.-Patrick, you are a very good writer. I found myself not wanting to put it down. I think it will be perfect for my very mature 12 year old grand daughter.
It was lovely and sad, poignant and joyous and in a few places infuriating. I hope little Ruby's condition has been resolved. What a dog! Thank you Patrick for writing the book and giving people the opportunity to learn more about rescue dogs, and also personally the fun I get out of a good piece of literature.
Much affection,
-Millie Kirn
Got my book for Christmas, and read it all yesterday. Wonderful book and an amazing story! Definitely worth buying!
  -Stephanie Hunt
Hi - A comment on your book - Ruby's Tale - I just finished reading it - I have to say - I didn't like the book - I loved it! Your perception on how canines think is enlightening and insightful. It is now circulating amongst my co-workers. My 2 nieces and nephew had their picture taken with Ruby - it was one of the best Christmas presents I got - Thx!! I noticed you were talking about being at MOA February 12th - I'd like to make a few purchases and shake Ruby's paw then.
  -Eisus Larson
I LOVED it! What a beautiful well written story. To know how horribly you were treated and to see where you ended full of life and love, is truly inspiring! It shows just how resilient Pit Bulls or dogs in general really are. What a great breed ambassador you are, Ruby and I so love you and your family for everything you do to help change the perception of the "pit bull" breed. Do you what me to post a personal review on your page? I can certainly do that. Lots of love and kisses from my family to yours!
  -Chris, Sully and Skylar!
I Love the book. I read it out loud to Smirnoff since it is his book. In fact we even got a new pitbull puppy while I was reading the book. We have always just had Smirnoff so it was funny seeing the interact & then read about your dogs interactions. We have traveled too cross-country with our pitbull & completely understand the parts about traveling. The book is a wonderful description of owning one of these loving, funny, courageous, & full of personality filled dogs with a bad rap. I would recommend it to anyone, not just dog lovers, or pitbull owners but to anyone willing. It goes to prove how wonderful these dogs are. Thank you for writing your experience & spreading the word. I appreciate you, your wife, & your dogs (Ruby, etc) for your hard work on being positive examples & giving many of us positive media to share with skeptics.
  -Kuo & Lisa Downing-Reese, Smirnoff & Daphne
I Really Loved and enjoyed reading Ruby's Tale: A True Rags to Riches Story by Patrick Bettendorf....How have I not known about it till now? We live in Australia and we also have a rescue dog called Ruby so i was especially drawn to this book which I became aware of through i ordered it through OH questioned me but once we got the book & I read bits out he love it. I was even more interested to hear about Pats dawg Molly having a dog previously called Molly(whom we took over from my brother-in our case both our Molly and Ruby were unwanted dogs...and we have been blessed to have both in our lives...Sadly our Molly we lost to Lymphatic cancer so i felt for Pat when I read about his "Ruby" also having cancer..tears rolled down my eyes....I knew too well that pain....i was scared for Ruby but happy to hear everything went well with the op and how good was the lady who paid the expenses.... In Australia the Pittbull is banned and also has a bad name(mostly caused by the press(our Ruby is a "American Staffordshire Terrier" but also the same as the annoys me when people are negative towards this dog..we wouldnt have another dog ever.. Pats Ruby is such a good Ambassador of the breed as is Daddy who also sadly passed from cancer... I strongly recommend Ruby's Tale to anyone who does/doesn't have a dog...& to anyone thinking of getting a rescue dog/pitbull...its definitely the book to read. Pat has done a superb job at telling Rubys story(as well as his own)..Pat made you feel like you were there throughout their journey, hearing about the ups and downs, the contest, Rubys cancer, her hospital/senior home visits...their holiday adventures....and gave a very entertaining read for all ages...I couldnt put the book down....
  -Lou and Loz in Oz "Laurence"
"I just finished the book...LOVED it! Ruby you are an inspiration and a perfect example for those of us trying to educate people about your breed! I live in Ohio we have terrible breed specific laws and some cities where I live have out right bans. Ruby is a perfect example of why BSL is so wrong, how responsible dog ownership is what matters, and where the laws should be focused. Thank you Ruby for being you! Keep up the great work!"
  -Janet Menko
"This is a great book!"
  -The American Dog Magazine
"Ruby goes from unwanted pup to one of the most adorable dogs America knows and loves."
  -The American Dog Magazine
"A dog star was born...and the future is so bright, she's gotta wear shades. (which she does often.) Rock on Ruby!"
  -Julia Szabo, author of six books and New York Columnist.
"Despite her dazzling stardom, she never forgets her humble beginnings, and she's always glad to be the guest dog at animal shelter's fundraisers"
  -Julia Szabo, author of six books and New York columnist.
"Hard to put this book down. Great story telling, you feel like your there with Ruby"
  -Sarah Marks-"The Bonnie Hunt Show"
Ruby, I just finished your book. It was wonderful. It made this non dog owner laugh and cry throughout the book. Keep keeping your "tribe" in line (both the 2 legged and 4 legged kind). You are one of a kind!!  -Julie Bohn
"A wonderful story, well written and easy to read even if you aren't used to reading English a lot. It drew me in and was hard to put down. It was so interesting, with some parts fun and some parts shocking. I was scared for Ruby for a little while, but the ending was a nice twist and left me hopeful. There was also a very important life lesson in the book, and not just for pet lovers. It's about people who always make up their minds before knowing the whole story. We need more people like the the author to make this world a better place for animals of all kinds. I hope this book makes it to Europe."
  -Hetty Moser, Haarlem, The Netherlands
My co-worker went out and bought 2 books after I loaned her my book - she just loved it!
  -Tracey Thompson
You will love the book. I keep reading it over and over, it is just a wonderful story. Love ya Ruby ♥
  -Winnie Byron
5.0 out of 5 stars
I just loved the book. A true story that speaks to and touches the heart of people no matter what breed of dog they love. Pat did an excellent job in telling Ruby's story with a detailed description of Ruby's heartwarming rescue, her adventures with his family and Ruby becoming famous. It is very entertaining. When reading this book I felt like they took me along on their trips; I could hardly put the book down. It will make a great gift for all animal lovers and also inspire people to visit their local animal shelters and see if they could have one of the shelter dogs warm their heart in order for them to give it a forever home. I have already ordered several books for family members and also plan on ordering more as gifts for my local veterinarian and some of my girlfriends - animal lovers like me. I wish that story would be made into a movie. This book is a great idea for Christmas gifts no matter if young or old.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Heartwarming Tale of Love and life with a rescue.
How can you put into words how a book has affected you? The story of Ruby is heartwarming and sad because so many of this breed are killed or so misunderstood that they will never find a wonderful home like Ruby did. I felt that I was right there with the family as they decided to take Ruby. The writing is superb, it catches you right from the start and never let's go! Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful story and for including the rest of your pack in the book as well. This is a must read for any animal lover and for those who know the true colors of this wonderful breed. BRAVO!!!
  -Winifred Newton-byron
Love , love, love Ruby's story. It was a fantastic read. My son is reading it now. Very well written and was very hard to put down!
  -Jen Cross Lackner
Dear Pat & Ruby
My husband Casey Got me "Ruby's Tale" for Christmas because I wanted to read it so badly! With the Holidays being so hectic, I hadn't gotten a chance to pick up a copy. It took two days to finish it, only because I had to go to work!! I couldn't put it down!! It was awesome!! Pat, you have a real talent for book writing!! The only problem I could find with the book is that it ended way too soon! I could have continued reading about your adventures with Ruby for Hundred's of pages more! I hope there is a sequel to this book in the making, as I will be first in line to buy it. When I finished the book, I wondered if it was because I know you guys from working at the radio station that made the book so good, or, would I have thought it was this good if I didn't know you....The answer to both questions was a resounding YES!!!! It made it more fun knowing you and Ruby, but the book stands on it's own merit. I absolutely LOVED it!!!! What a story! From page one to the very end, you had me laughing and crying and sometimes both at the same time!!!! I have had dogs all my life, and I have loved them all to death! I have had very special relationships with all of them and wouldn't have traded any of them for the world....But, I have to say, that Ruby is something extra special. There is something about her, her demeanor, her big brown eyes, her story.. all put together just make her a one-and-only Ruby. I can't even call her a dog, though there is nothing wrong with being a dog...sorry Venus and gang. It's like she's a person in there. I remember her at the radio station like it was yesterday! playing fetch with the ball and her toys. She was SO strong, but seemed to know how far to go without crossing that line. Like when we played tug-of-war, she could easily pulled my arms out of the sockets with one hard shake of her head. But after the first time we played like that, she realized what a whimp I really was and gave me a look like "okay, I'll take it easy on you" You could just read her thoughts. At least she made you feel you could. I just want to thank you for this book of a life time!!! It was fabulous!! I must also apologize to you pat, because I know when we see you out and about, all I have to do is look down and Ruby will be there, and my heart skips a beat when I see her. I never mean to put you on the back burner! You are an awesome and very talented man with a huge heart for everyone and everything. But I can't guarantee that the next time I see you, I won't go right to Ruby first...sorry! This book means so much to me. I will never lend it out, but will make all my friends go out and buy their own copy, because I know they won't want to part with it either. I can't Imagine this book can go very long without winning some kind of award(s). Thank you for making this the very best Christmas present! We lost our 19 year old cat Sebastian just two days after Thanksgiving, and we are all having a really hard time with that. Reading Ruby's story just lifted me up! I hope that 2011 brings all of you the very best. You deserve it! I look forward to running into you again someday. Again, sorry in advance Pat if I blow by you to get to Ruby. My love to you all!!!
-Kim Corbett
So how did I like the book? I read in almost in one sitting last night, I am just about finished, and I LOVE it!! So many things in the book I can relate to as a rescuer and pit bull owner, and also some new things in that book that made me STEAMING mad!!! LOL I cant wait to finish it, I'm sure it has a nice positive ending which I am ready for!! Amanda ♥ s Ruby!!!
  -Amanda Michele Liston
Ruby! I just finished your book-what a great story! You're such a lucky girl. I REALLY enjoyed your Dad's writing style. It was interesting and down to earth with an obvious affection for all dogs. I also appreciated the message at the end of the story about volunteering at a shelter, fostering and adoption. I adopted Echo, a deaf pittie, last year and he's been inspiring. I'm also fostering, part time, another deaf pittie. I wanted to pass on that now that I've finished your story, I will be donating it to a local pet boutique, Paws for Cats & Dogs, where the money from it's sale will benefit local rescue dogs. I hope there's a sequel! Keep up the great work you are doing for all the pibbles Ruby!
  -Crissy Wilson Tadlock
Just finished Ruby's Tale and LOVED it! A positive story about Pit Bulls and the people that rescue them. And giving back via community work, therapy dog work and the importance of doggie blood donors. This is the stuff that the world needs to hear about, thank you for sharing!
  -Chris Bouchard Cook
I just read "Ruby's Tales" and I can only recommend it to everyone who has a dog, has ever adopted a dog, no matter what the breed. I loved the book. Hey, with Christmas coming up, get the book for a friend, for your family, your grandchild...and your neighbor, any dog lover you know!! I got mine signed by Ruby (with a paw print) and by the author and dedicated to my grandsons, one dedicated to my daughter and another one dedicated to me. Plan on ordering one for my veterinarian's office, some for my "outstanding" students in dog class etc.
  -Marion Lewis
I love the book cant put it down!!! What an amazing breed ambassador you are Ruby! ♥ I can only hope Princess Fiona the Pitbull will have the same luck as you in finding the right forever home! ♥
  -Iris Alvarez
Ruby: I just finished your book and I LOVED it! You and your family have had such an interesting life. I'd like to know more about how your folks keep the pack mellow, esp considering that it's almost all girls. In my experience, it has been harder to keep girls (of any breed) from squabbling with each other. Any tips?

  -Ellen Weinstock
Finished the book today! LOVED it. Sending pit bull kisses from my crew and wishing your family continued good health and prosperity.
  -Jena McFall
Ruby I finished the book today! It was awesome! great news, looks like foster dog #80 had found a home and will be adopted by Friday. He has to stay with me for 10 days minimum so that would be the soonest he could go.
  -Shelley Cooksey
Ruby's Tale So cool! I finished the book last night and I loved it! I admit - I was in tears a couple of times - some of the sad parts, and the cancer hit a little close to home (we lost our first dog Spot to brain cancer 3 years ago). I'm glad you are doing better! And I laughed out loud several times (when your Dad was checking into the hotel and got asked what kind of dogs?). And I appreciated the info about dog blood donors. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see more in the future. We appreciate everything you do and especially appreciate your family for all that they are doing in rescue/fostering and spreading the good word and work about pit bulls (and Rotties). Thanks again for the contest- My co-worker wants to read it now and I will buy a copy as a gift!
  -Tracey Thompson
Ruby's Tale- Awesome! For any of you who don't know Ruby, it's definitely a book worth reading. We were fortunate to have met Sadie and see Ruby in our own driveway last weekend. It's a remarkable story any pet lover would find it well worth the price of the book. This message is from the heart and I don't get anything for promoting. As a rescue dog family, it gives me great hope.
  -Russell Viska
Hi Pat and Ruby! I LOVE the book, I have started it and am really enjoying your writing style and Ruby's story! The personalization and pawprint signature are perfect! Buddy and Queenie broke my heart.....I have been following Ruby on the internet/facebook for some time and was so happy that I won this auction. I am seeing my own special "rubies" in the telling of this tail :) As a PBRC volunteer, thank you so much for your generous donation and as a Pit Bull parent/lover thank you for telling this story!
We got your wonderful book and I've already devoured it! It is a great read. It's funny as I had not realized who Ruby was. We watched the Bonnie Hunt show and saw her (so cute and well-behaved) but had been cheering and voting for Wyatt as my dogs all give blood at EVBB where Wyatt does. We have 4 rescued pit mixes ourselves. I love hearing about the great things she's done and how you and she continue to change people's perceptions of pit bulls. We've had some crazy run-ins ourselves.
Thanks again for the great book. Hugs and Kisses to Ruby from our pack - Bartlett, Lily, Baloo, Jinnie and Gracie (Tibetan terrier)!
  -Kim and Tim
Hello! I just received an autographed copy of your book from my mom. I was done with it in a matter of 2 (uneventful) days at work. I could not put it down! My mom met you at Taco Day's in Scandia a few weeks ago. I wish I could've been there myself to meet you. Next year for sure if you're going to be there again. I recently adopted two "Bullies" myself from MARS (Midwest animal rescue in Brooklyn Park). Your story has inspired me to take my "Ladies" to do things I didn't even know we could do. We'll definitely be checking into therapy possibilities. What an amazing story and truly something to aspire to! Thanks for helping break the stereo type!!
  -Amanda L. Stanaway
"In this inspirational true story, Ruby the dog teaches us that, with love and determination, we can overcome seemingly hopeless beginnings and unfair prejudice. Pat teaches us that loving a rescued dog and providing responsible pet ownership can make all the difference. Follow Ruby and Pat’s marvelous adventures as they spread the love from coast to coast. Ruby is pure love!"
  -Jenny Pavlovic Ph.D. award-winning author of 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog and the “Not Without My Dog” Resource & Record Book
Finished the book. Loved it! "Ruby's Tale" is the story of the little pit bull that could! As a bullybreed owner, rescuer, lover, and founder of a 501c3 that seeks to educate the public about dog fighting, Ruby's Tale really hit home. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me smile. One million homeless animals die in shelters in this country every year. This is a national disgrace reaching epic proportions. Sadly, many of these dogs are "pit bulls". Only one in 500 pit bulls are adopted into a loving home. Many have never had enough to eat, had a soft spot to sleep, toys to play with, or known the love of a family. Unscrupulous dog fighters abuse them, the press villifies them, people do not understand them, and legislators ban them. Pit bulls were beloved family members back in the 1800's and early 1900's. You see them in old photographs from that era quite often. Helen Keller had a pit bull, and Stubby, a pit bull, was a decorated war hero who visited the White House. Times have since changed, and now the breed that was once so beloved, is now a breed that is feared. Ruby's Tale goes to show that anything is possible, even for a little dog that was thrown out like a piece of trash. Adopted by Pat and Lynn Bettendorf, Ruby's Tale is a testament to a wonderful breed of dog. Those of us who have pit bulls love them, and Ruby's Tale shows why. It is my hope and prayer that her story will inspire people everywhere to consider adopting a pit bull from a shelter or rescue group. Just give the pit bulls a chance. You will be glad that you did. Keep on telling the tale Ruby, keep on telling the tale.
  -Cindy VanLandegen
Pat and Ruby
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book & I can't wait to be able to spread the word.
It depicts the life of a wonderful rescue dog that just happens to be a pit bull and the love between an owner and his dog. Unfortunately there just aren't enough people out there that feel the same. It's one of the many reasons pit bulls get such a bad rap!
Being a rescuer myself of pit bulls and having 4 of my own it makes me extremely grateful to read about you and your story and of the many adventures you share with everyone. Smokey and I hope to one day follow your footsteps!
I would advise everyone to read this book that ever has any doubt about what a pit bull really is. On second thought, anyone who adopts any breed of dog should read it!
Thank you for such a wonderful book and signed by you and Ruby for my four, Abby, Chance, Dexter and Smokey.
Thank you Pat and beautiful Ruby for sharing such a remarkable story and how far a rescued dog can really go with compassion, love, dedication and how that rescued dog can flourish.
In Respect,
  -Tyler Z Nasise ( Pit Bull Rescuer in San Diego )